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September 2021

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December 2021

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Course Start Dates

1 Day (Online)

09:00 - 17:00 CET


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Ethical Hacking OT - Awareness

provided by Swiss Cyber Academy and Airbus CyberSecurity

Today's industrial systems are highly computerized and interconnected with the advent of "Industry 4.0". This development significantly increases cyber risk, with serious consequences for these critical systems, both in human and financial terms. The Ethical Hacking OT Awareness course deals with all aspects of industrial security and provides an understanding of the different attack methods that can be implemented in these particular infrastructures, inspired by the Stuxnet, Industroyer, BlackEnergy, and Triton offensives.



Good knowledge of Linux systems and networks



  • Introduction of OT environment specificities
  • Practical exercise on CyberRange

Course Objectives

  • Discovery of the different existing industrial systems (SCADA/DCS/SIS) with their particular constraints
  • Carry out concrete actions on realistic industrial networks in order to deduce the consequences for the organisation under attack
  • Learning good practices endemic to an industrial system (human, technical...)
Airbus CyberRange

The proposed training modules are designed to provide operable knowledge and operational skills to the participants. Our pedagogy is based on a set of concrete and practical scenarios. Multiples roles are managed in the Airbus CyberRange platform in order to perform various kinds of training sessions: blue team, red team and others. It is possible to customize groups and rules in the Airbus CyberRange platform to fit end-user needs on execution and creation. Each training is provided by Airbus CyberSecurity trainer that brings expertise in their respective fields of business to direct benefit to the trainees.

Course Content
  • At least 80% of trainings content is made of practical exercises

  • Training content developed and run by active Cyber experts, with cybersecurity professional activities in Airbus CyberSecurity that also brings experience and references to the trainees already encountered examples.

  • Dedicated and realistic simulation environment including real security products and Cyber attacks


With operational designed trainings, our courses are continuously updated by our educational engineers and expert trainers to adapt to needs. They focus on a direct practice of the concepts presented by alternating theory and practical exercises.

What you will learn

Taking fundamental and technical information, in passive than active mode on internal networks,

The exploitation of collected data, implementation of an action plan

Use of various and varied attack techniques :

Brute-force, exploitation of implementation vulnerabilities and weaknesses, theft of sensitive data, identity theft, reverse engineering, denial of service, hijacking of industrial processes, a direct attack aimed at the destruction

Conclusion on actions taken, mistakes made, and ways to avoid them

Training Fee

1,500 CHF

1 Day Training Fee
With 30 days Access


After the session, training certificates will be provided by Swiss Cyber Academy and Airbus CyberSecurity for each participant, in an electronic format and hard copy.


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