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Course Start Dates

20 Janurary 2022

Preparation for 2023 Exam


480 Hours

Online / Onsite

Government Funding

50% Funding

Those who register for the federal examination are entitled to a 50% refund, by the Swiss Government, out of the course fee.

Access higher management positions

While also promoting, motivating, and guiding your staff with the help of most modern management methods within the ICT sector. Our course will improve your knowledge, practically and theoretically, preparing you for one of the most prestigious Diploma in the ICT sector in Switzerland.

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Academic director of Cyber Security programs at Swiss Cyber Forum

Executive Director, Center for Information Assurance and Cyber Security Professor, University of Washington

ICT Manager with Federal Diploma

ICT Managers, with many years of professional experience to the point of the Federal Examination, possess extensive specialist and managerial tasks in the ICT sector. The purpose of the Federal Diploma is to provide assurance that the person who obtained it distinguishes herself or himself in terms of commitment, practical, and technical knowledge. Therefore, the holder is capable of assuming higher management roles within the ICT professional field.

ICT Manager course prepares professionals from all industries for the federal examination and increasingly complex future of cyber security. Participants will gain a full understanding of the challenges and potential of information security compliance, and management systems, along with the frameworks and definitions of governance for an information security strategy to help secure their organisation’s cyber-resilient future.

Over one year, participants will access key tools, principles, and frameworks from international professors and academic instructors. Participants will learn how to evaluate and implement information security solutions, ensure information security incident handling, and create a competitive advantage for their organisation.

Who is a ICT Manager?

The ICT Managers recognize relevant relationships and dependencies in the overall context of the organizations, thus are able to manage efficiently and effectively using informed decisions. They consider the economic, environmental, social, legal, and personnel aspects of the company and work with responsibility.

They manage the employees according to modern management methods and thus achieve with their teams the predetermined goals.

ICT Managers develop the ICT strategy and derive the corresponding service portfolio for their organizational unit. On this basis, they determine which services are purchased.

Key Professional Competences

The occupational profile of an ICT Manager can be different from one job to another, such as:

ICT Management - Develop ICT strategy, define sourcing strategy, implementing change

Business Engineering - Designing ICT processes, determine ICT process and organizational structure, advice on ICT use

Leadership and Management - Create and monitor financial planning, personnel Planning resources, taking legal aspects into account in ICT projects

ICT Risk Management - Perform ICT security analyses, ensuring ICT security

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Cyber Security Skills Needed

There will be an estimated 3.5 Million open cybersecurity jobs worldwide by 2021.

Study Content


The course content is based on the ICT Berufsbildung Competence Framework and highlights the following 4 areas of competence:

ICT Strategy

Finance, Accounting, Law

ICT Project Management

Law, Regulations and Leadership

Process and Change Management

Finance, Accounting, Leadership

ICT Risk Management

Security, Compliance, Service Management

Highlights of our Courses


Real-world cyber security challenges from industry experts

The content and structure of our course are designed by internationally recognized cybersecurity academics and experts, with practice-oriented case studies and cyber incident challenges.


Learn anytime anywhere
in Switzerland

The course will start online on May 2022, in the same day, simultaneously throughout Switzerland. You can attend this course while working full time, from anywhere from the world.


Government Funding

Those who register for the federal examination are entitled to a 50% refund, by the Swiss Government, out of the course fee, regardless of the results of the exam.


Pre-hire screening and career coach

After finishing our course, we can conduct a pre-hire screening, therefore helping you with your professional career in finding a new job in cyber security.

Admission Requirement

To be able to attend the Federal Examination, one of the following conditions must be met:

A bachelor’s or master’s degree from a recognized higher educational institution and has two years of professional experience in the ICT field


A diploma of a higher technical examination / higher technical college and three years of experience in the ICT field


A professional certificate of a professional examination and has four years of experience in the ICT field


Under a "sur dossier" examination, the proof is provided of qualified professional experience in the ICT field of at least eight years and the last two years in a leading specialist and/or line function in the ICT field

If you have a different background, please contact us, we will gladly clarify your admission in advance!

Key Learning Objectives: LEAP


Learn frameworks for effective strategies to ensure that information and data are better protected against illegal access by third parties.


Examine the processes, the value chain, the assets worth protecting, and the strategy of the company.


Access a network of world-class academics, industry experts, and peers to connect and develop ideas, and to put theory into practice.


Procure advanced federal diploma of higher education from state secretariat for education, research and innovation.

Course Fee

16,900 CHF

Before Government

8,450 CHF

After Government

Government Funding


Total cost after reimbursement of federal
contribution CHF 8,450


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